Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rotary Steerable System (RSS)

What is a Rotary steerable system (RSS)?
It permits downhole directional control whilst continuously drilling in rotary mode. At present, three classes of rotary steerable system exist:

  • fully steerable systems, allowing down hole control of both inclination and azimuth;
  • semi steerable systems, providing down hole control of inclination only (adjustable stabilizers)
  • vertical drilling systems, that actively seek vertical
The aim of this document is to provide information on:
  • the experience to date of rotary steerable systems
  • available rotary steerable;
  • technical, cost and usage data; and
  • the perceived benefits and drawbacks of these systems
Advantages of RSS over conventional mud motor techniques
Firstly, due to the elimination of the need for slide drilling:
  • Improved ROP, reducing drilling time;
  • Improved hole cleaning / lower ECD;
  • Reduced torque and drag, giving greater reach for ERD wells;
  • Reduced axial stick / slip problems.
It is also believed that rotary steerable systems give:
  • Smoother well bore, requiring less reaming;
  • More controllable build rates;
  • Improved bit life.
Types of wells that may benefit from rotary steerable technology include:
  • ERD wells that are beyond current comfort zones;
  • Designer wells where sliding limits achievable targets;
  • Deep, hot, directional wells where motors have problems;
  • High build rate, small diameter re-entry work;
  • Wells where slide drilling causes high ECD's / well bore stability problems;
  • Vertical wells where directional control is difficult;
  • Deep wells to reduce torque and drag generated at surface

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Things to take note to prevent e-auction fraud when a consumer participating in an e-auction

Auction is market mechanism by which buyers make bids and sellers place offers. It is characterized by the competitive and dynamic nature by which the final price is reached. Auctions can rapidly disposal of items that needs liquidation or a quick sale, they offer trading opportunities for both buyers and sellers that are not available in conventional channels and they ensure cautious execution of contracts. There are few types of auction that are traditional auction, electronic auction, dynamic pricing, English auction, Dutch auction, free-fall auction, sealed-bid first price auctionm, sealed-bid second price auction

The most popular is electronic auction that is e-auction which means conduct auctions online. The largest Internet auctioneer is eBay which has introduced several measures in an effort to reduce fraud.

User Identity Verification
For example, verified eBay user, the voluntary program, encourages users to supply eBay with information for online verification such as identity card number or date of birth.

Authentication Service
It is to determine whether an item is genuine and described appropriately. It difficult to perform because their training and experience, experts can detect counterfeits based on subtle detail.

Feedback Forum
It allows buyers and sellers to build up their online trading reputations. It provides user with ability to comment on their experiences with other.

Non-payment Punishments
It is to protect the sellers, a friendly warning for first-time nonpayment. A sterner warning is for second-time offense, with a 30 day suspension for a third offense and an indefinite suspension for a fourth offense.

Item Verification
It is a way of confirm he identity and evaluate the condition of an item. Third parties will evaluate and identify an item through a variety of means. For example, some collectors have their item “DNA tagged” for identification purpose. It provides a way of tracking an item if it charges ownership in future.

Monday, February 16, 2009

E-Government in Malaysia: Its Implementation So Far and Citizen's Adoption Strategies

The Electronic Government initiative in Malaysia was launched to lead the country into the Information Age. It has improved both how the government operates internally as well as how it delivers services to the people of Malaysia. It seeks to improve the convenience, accessibility and quality of interactions with citizens and businesses; simultaneously, it will improve information flows and processes within government to improve the speed and quality of policy development, coordination and enforcement.
Malaysia government has successfully implement the e-government. One of the most successful application are e-filling.E-filling is a method of filing of all income documents of tax payer in Malaysia, that uses an electronic format rather than a traditional paper format, from office or home through Internet. To use this services, taxpayers need to make a tax registration. Malaysia's Inland Revenue Board (IRB) will send the PIN for online tax registration through mail to the taxpayers.However, there are some problems faced in e-government implementation:
Language barrier - Most of the government websites using Bahasa Malaysia.
Technological barrier - Lack of technical infrastructure.
Online behaviour - Malaysians remain sceptical on being distrust on electronic transaction especially on online banking buying from an Internet store.
Lack of public awareness - Public are not aware of the services offered.
Ways to encourage more citizens to use the e-government applications:
Provide websites with multiple language version.
Increase awareness through TV and radio advertisements, and organising workshops at shopping malls.
Provide consultation services on how to use those services.
Simplify procedures needed to access to the e-government services.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Review a local e-commerce site (Malaysia) --->

AirAsia Airline is the famous airline in Malaysia. is a virtual e-commerce site. It allows you to browse, search, as well as book tickets, online.

In the, the main colour of the site is red. The purposes are to emphasis the webpage and make the website become more attractive. On the Home page, it shows various location and language which will convenient customers from different country and this might lead more customers to visit and book its tickets.

The search engine had been provided by this site which allows us to search for destination fright tickets that we need. The page load speed is also very fast.In the, people can easily search for the information by clicking on the relevant navigation. We can choose the tickets correctly or clearly based on information provided in example, fright time, price, tax charges and others.
After you had decided which fright to book, you just click “next” icon. However, before you can go futher, you must login first. If you are a new customer, fill in details by clicking "sign-in" link. Then, it will bring you to booking page. then follow step by step until payment, you can choose either pay by credit card or debit card.
Besides, also have other related link such as which allow you to book hotel as well.
In conclusion, is an success e-commerce site which is user friendly and the site overall design and layout of the MPH also very nice and well-organized. The most important is it make you easy to fright.