Saturday, February 14, 2009

Review a local e-commerce site (Malaysia) --->

AirAsia Airline is the famous airline in Malaysia. is a virtual e-commerce site. It allows you to browse, search, as well as book tickets, online.

In the, the main colour of the site is red. The purposes are to emphasis the webpage and make the website become more attractive. On the Home page, it shows various location and language which will convenient customers from different country and this might lead more customers to visit and book its tickets.

The search engine had been provided by this site which allows us to search for destination fright tickets that we need. The page load speed is also very fast.In the, people can easily search for the information by clicking on the relevant navigation. We can choose the tickets correctly or clearly based on information provided in example, fright time, price, tax charges and others.
After you had decided which fright to book, you just click “next” icon. However, before you can go futher, you must login first. If you are a new customer, fill in details by clicking "sign-in" link. Then, it will bring you to booking page. then follow step by step until payment, you can choose either pay by credit card or debit card.
Besides, also have other related link such as which allow you to book hotel as well.
In conclusion, is an success e-commerce site which is user friendly and the site overall design and layout of the MPH also very nice and well-organized. The most important is it make you easy to fright.