Sunday, February 1, 2009

How e-commerce can reduce cycle time,improve employees' empowerment and faciliate customer support

Nowadays, E-commerce is wely used by either individual or companies to expand their size of markets and retain the attention of consumers by conducting business-to-business (B to B) or business to consumer (B to C) transactions through online.
E-commerce has brought many benefits in our daily life especially for companies which include reduce cycle time, improve empowerment of ewmployees, and facilitate customer support and others.
The cycle time may reduce if e-commerce takes place in business. Additionally, it is the electronic device that used by either internal or externally parties to communicate in order to reduce time to market which is the time from inception of idea to implementation. Competitive advantage may increase, decrease carrying and shrinkage costs, increase the speed of operations and improve cash flow if reduction of cycle time takes place in business transactions. In fact, employees are treating as important resource in one organization because they are able to contribute their ideas and energy into works.
Thus, empowerment to employees is essential especially at the front line due to it might bring impact to the performance of personnel and business. The productivity will improve if employees are empowered because employees are provided with computerized decision aids in order to make their own decisions.
E-commerce facilitates its customers’ support by providing consumers the opportunity and services to shop conveniently. It may lead to sales arise and improve the quality of services provided because customers could receive the goods and services directly without wastage of time.
In conclusion, e-commerce has brought many benefits in our daily life especially for organization. Thus, we have to use it wisely and expand it widely around the world.