Monday, February 9, 2009

Mobile Payment System in Malaysia ; Its Potentials and Consumer Adoption Strategies.

Mobile payment is the collection of money from a consumer via a mobile device such as their mobile phone, SmartPhone, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) or other such device. In other words, this is a concept of making payment transactions just through a mobile device to pay for goods and services

There are four primary models for mobile payments:
Premium SMS based transactional payments
Direct Mobile Billing
Mobile web payments (
NFC (Near Field Communication)

In Malaysia, mobile payment is effective providing customers with admission or money off vouchers which can be unique coded or designed to allow viral spread. The mobile channel can be effectively used as a self-funding and revenue generating medium. This service covers all mobile operators on Malaysia such as Mobile Wallet.
Mobile Wallet is a mobile enabled application and payment service provider which enables its network of users/subscribers to make convenient payments to any designated affiliates or Mobile Wallet’s appointed network of merchants to accept MW points as mobile based payment gateway.

Indeed, mobile payment services have its own potential. Consumers are more comfortable with low-value transactions over such non-traditional means. Common applications will include payment for transportation, parking, restaurants, convenience stores, retail outlets, e-tickets to name a few - typically for low-value items. This helps especially when consumers are in need of cash but doesn’t have any in hand and provides users the convenience to pay anyone, anytime and anywhere.


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